nTopic The Content Relevancy Score

Twitter Relevancy Rank

Are you keeping your tweets on topic? Or have you spent a little too much talking politics? Find out how keyword relevant your tweets are!



User ferreemoney has a RelevancyRank (RR) of /10 for the keyword "social signals". We can say with -100% confidence that your tweets are relevant to "social signals".

What is RelevancyRank (RR)?

RelevancyRank is PageRank for Relevancy. It is just as difficult to get an RR 10 as it is to get a PR 10. Only perfectly optimized content will score a 10. A RR4 or above is fairly strong. Almost any readable english content will score a 1 in RelevancyRank.

Why Does my Twitter Relevancy Matter?

It doesn't, unless your boss expects you to be using your twitter account for work! We just wanted to show off yet another cool thing you can do with the nTopic API.